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Heres a simple yet effective workout to do when you’re trapped inside and can’t make it to the gym.
50 push ups
jog in place or up/down stairs 1 min
50 sit ups
jog in place or up/down stairs – 1 min
50 dips (use to chairs in case you are wondering)
jog in place or up/down stairs – 1 min
side plank – top leg lifts x 20 L and R sides
jog in place or up/down stairs – 1min
plank position – rock forward/back 20x, side-side 20x and circle 10x CW /CCW
jog in place or up/down stairs – 1 min
50 alt lateral lunges
jog in place or up/down stairs – 1 min
Obviously you can modify reps and time based on fitness level.
For extra fun and challenge try doing ex w/ small child on back or carrying laundry basket up/down stair! Ha Ha Dont be so stiff, infuse creativity and fun into the work out.
Enjoy and stay fit in the winter!

Get Strong! Stay Strong!


I must say, it is going much better than I anticipated. Energy is good and not really missing (physically) the caffeine as I thought I would. Ive only really lost 1 lb which is good b/c im not doing this to lose weight. But co-worker also doing purification w/ me has lost 6 feraking lbs already and he feels great too! (he does want to lose some weight)
Had great work out at 6:30 am.
Triplexed: diagonal stance cable chest press, bent row and leg press for 3 sets. Then, close grip bench, lunge walk and barbell russian twists. Finished off w/ barbell reverse curls and 1 arm cable press downs.
Todays food consisted of post workout monster fruit smoothie w/ protein and cleanse powder. 1 apple, 1 banana, bowl of beets and sauerkraut (yum), bowl brown rice w/ hot sauce, 2nd fruit smoothie w/ protein and cleanse powder, 1 cup baby carrots. Out to eat for dinner…all you can eat salad bar (2 trips) w/ sides of spaghetti squash, grilled zuchinni and baked potato. Oh yeah I killed it!
Drank H20 all day and night.
Now I am gioing to bed to dream about chicken wings and cheez its!
Get Strong! Stay Strong!


By Sean Barker,  Author of The Dad Fitness System

The idea of these workout tips came to me while watching one of the classic episodes of Seinfeld, “The Bizarro Jerry” episode. The concept behind this episode was of having a world made up of everyone’s total opposite, which is based on the Bizarro World stories featured in the Superman comic books. The Bizarro versions of Jerry, George, Kramer and Newman were called Kevin, Gene, Feldman and Vargas. So if you are not getting results from your workouts, maybe it’s time you do the opposite of what you see most people doing in the gym.

A lot of regular gym goers continue to look the same year after year despite how often they make an appearance and I am sure you don’t want to look like “most” people, as over 60% of people today are obese. For the first time, the number of overweight individuals around the world rivals the number who are underweight. In fact a new word – “globesity” has now been coined to reflect the escalation of global obesity and the overweight!

Remember, Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Think about this quote for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to the way I workout? If so, it’s time to stop being a workout slave to your old school workout routines and time to break away from the crowd by doing the opposite of what they are doing. The results just might surprise you.

1. Quality, not Quantity  Don’t fall for the cardio confusion where you think the more time you punch on a cardio machine the more fat you burn. You don’t need to spend hours working out everyday to get those rock hard abs or bulging biceps. The key to effective workouts is intensity. With shorter weight training and interval cardio workouts you spend less time working and more time burning fat. High intensity workouts elevate your metabolism up to 36 hours after your workout.

2.  Mirror Muscles  Most guys love training the muscles they can see in the mirror like their chest and biceps. But 50% of your muscles are on the back of your body. Muscles of your upper and lower back, hamstrings and even your triceps on the back of your arm are often neglected in favor of pumping up those mirror muscles. This contributes to overuse and imbalances in the shoulders and spine making you more susceptible to shoulder and back injuries. Do more pulling than pushing when you are in the gym and you will really be glad with what you see in the mirror.

3. Bet on Low   Betting on high might be the smart choice in a game of poker, but for better workouts, go low. Instead of following the classic “3 sets of 10 reps” routine, go bizarro and do the opposite with “10 sets of 3”. This will allow you to focus on the performance and quality of your repetitions instead of fatiguing your muscles with higher reps. Most people train to improve appearance; you should train to improve performance and your appearance will improve as a result.

4. Step Away From the Machine   You don’t need to workout on expensive equipment that isolates small muscles and put your body in unnatural positions all while you sit down. When you perform an exercise using machines you force your body to follow the range of motion dictated by the machine, when it should be the other way around allowing your body to control your range of motion. Besides some cable movements. which are actually closer to free weight movements than machines, stick with barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises so you build functional muscles that you can use in the real world.

5. Be Flexible   I am still amazed at how many people still don’t pay proper attention to warming up before their workout and stretching at the end of their workout. If you want to have healthy joints and pain free flexibility, follow a proper warmup and cooldown. Get your body primed for training with dynamic movements like bodyweight squats and pushups, then help to lower your heart rate and relax your muscles with some stretches after your workout is over. This is not something that you can afford to ignore if you want a healthy body for many years to come. Follow these 5 tips in your next workout and if anyone asks you “what your doing?” tell them the opposite!

Some great yet simple advice!

Get Strong! Stay Strong!



This was an excerpt from Charles Staleys’s “The Unatural Athlete.”  Some good sound advice!

1.  Don’t lift weights alone. Accidents can be avoided when a training partner is there to help. 

Bench pressing is particularly dangerous — many have died after becoming trapped under a 

weight they couldn’t lift back up. If you must bench alone, use dumbbells or a machine press. 

2.  Don’t lift weights unless you know what you’re doing. Seek qualified supervision so that you can 

get the most out of your training efforts, and stay safe in the process. 

3.  Don’t lift heavier than what your program calls for. Doing maximum-effort lifts (for any number 

of reps) can be dangerous, are not necessary, and have little place in most athlete’s training 

programs, except for occasional tests of maximum strength. As a general rule of thumb, leave 

2-4 reps to spare on every set. 

4.  Don’t training with weights right before skill training. Fatigue resulting from the weights will 

hamper your efforts at acquiring/improving skill, so do your skill training on days when no skill 

training is taking place. 

5.  Don’t train your legs with weights before running or jumping rope. Tired leg muscles (from 

squatting and other leg exercises) mean that your hip and knee joints are not as protected, and 

these activities create too much shock and jarring of these joints. 

6.  Don’t neglect to use safety equipment. Locking collars, proper training attire, solidly built 

equipment, and adequate space are all-important for accident-free training. 

7.  Don’t leave weights scattered on the floor or leaning against the walls or equipment. The single 

biggest cause of gym injuries is failure to put weights back on their storage racks. Keep a neat & 

tidy gym to avoid injuries. 

8.  Take a moment to make eye contact with anyone else lifting nearby before heavy lifts that 

require your total concentration (such as squats, power cleans, or deadlights). Doing so will let 

them know to stay at a distance so that you can concentrate on lifting, rather than whether or 

not someone is going to “walk into you” during a heavy set. This sort of thing happens more 

often than you think, especially in commercial gyms. 

9.  Don’t neglect any part of your body. Your training program should address every major muscle 

group so that a solid foundation can be developed. A neglected muscle means that you will have a weakness.  A recipe for injury.

10.  Don’t try to unload a bar one end at a time. Taking weights off the bar on one side only causes the 

other side to become unbalanced and fall (or more often, catapult) from the rack — sometimes 

with great speed and force. Be safe and unload plates from the bar by alternating ends.