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If you want a piece of equipment that can provide, strength, power, fitness and fat loss all in one check out the video below and stay tuned for some cool PT/fitness applications!  My patients love it.  Our athletes, pro and amateur, love it!



Barbell Russian Twist  Alt. 20-30 reps    9296 

                Pivot Feet!


Kettlebell Swings   20-30 Reps                martonekbsbasics1russian-th1

            Watch your Toes!  Shoes???


Box Jumps    20 reps                                           img_0489preview


Physioball Plank to Push Up   20 reps       core-abdominal-and-lower-back-exercises-26 <———->   physiopushajpg_00000004727

Complete 3- 5 rounds.   Rest 1-3 min. between rounds (or longer as needed)

Get Strong! Stay Strong!  (Have Fun!)



Great exercise for shoulder, core, hip.

Bend knees slightly and allow a small amount of rotation during the loading phase and slightly rotate as you press the weight upward and forward.  Incorporate the LE, hips and core not just the shoulder.

Get Strong! Stay Strong!




Great exercise for core strength. The body is in an upright position so you will strengthen and activate your core muscles more appropriately for function.

Stand holding med ball or dumbbell. Pivot feet lifting heels, rotate body and reach up and over right shoulder. Bring med ball down and across body towards opposite knee pivoting feet and rotating body. Perform in continuous rhythmic motion for 15 repetitions.  Do 2-3 sets on each side