TGIF!  Able to add lean protein into the mix which will add some variety and expand my food choice, although I think I,m going to stick w/ beans and just a little chix and fish sparingly.  Luckily I’m one that can eat the same thing over and over.

Firdays consist of a 6:30am workout.  Today I superset :

Hang Clean for 8 w/ Pull ups for 10  (3 sets)

1 arm barbell deadlift using thick gripper 5x each side w/ Inverted shoulder press on total gym for 8-10  (3 sets)

Seated DB curls using grippers w/ Dips w/ knee tucks up/over bar x 12 (3 sets)

Finished w/ a few random ab exercises for good measure and to tone up the midsection that is lean from the purification!

As always followed workout w/ monster fruit smoothie w/ whey protein and cleanse powder.

I must say im pleasantly surprised at how good I feel and the energy I have despite NO caffeine!  Amazing.

Get Strong! Stay Strong!


  1. mizunogirl says:

    How long have you been off caffeine? I use Caffeine in my races, and always try to detox it out for a while before them, usually a month, but lately I have been wondering if 2 weeks would be enough…..

  2. chriskolba says:

    I have been off caffeine for 19 days now. Sun is my last day of the 21 day purification program I’m doing. I feel great and it has been a good experience.
    Im sure 2 weeks would be fine, but 3-4 weeks may be better due to the increases sensitivity from not using. Maybe try each regiment and see if you notice difference.
    Thanks for checking in. Good luck

    Be sure to head over to my new blog at
    Ill be posting from there from here on out.

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