Refined white sugar is particularly noxious, and by some perverse twist we have come to believe that sugar-sweetened desserts are essential to “having fun.” We feed our children this devitalized food because we are socialized to expect it, (amen!) and we to provide it (not me).”  As adults, most people like to end their meals with a sugar-sweetened dessert, anything from ice cream to cake or cookies. The absence of such a dessert at an elegant dinner party would almost be a social faux pas. What is so bad about this ubiquitous substance? According to nutritionist Robert Crayhon, author of Nutrition Made Simple, sugar can:

*raise insulin levels and contribute diabetes
*raise blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides and so contribute to cardiovascular disease
*contribute to gallstones and obesity
*contribute to mood swings and depression
*increase stomach acidity
*cause migraines
*weaken the immune system
*deplete the B vitamins, calcium and copper
*interfere with the absorption of calcium and magnesium – and so contribute to osteoporosis

But despite what we know about the substance British physician John Yudkin calls “sweet and dangerous” and “pure, white and deadly,”many people still feel that they might be “deprived” when they consider quitting the consumption of sugar-sweetened foods. For our long term health, thats the kind of “deprivation” that would be a good thing, just like deprivation of tobacco would be good too.
Dont worry, a little treat here and there is not going to kill you, but consuming the amount of sugar that the average person does just might! What’s really sad is the kids that suffer from their parents choices. Just look around.

Get Strong! Stay Strong! (and sugar free!)


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