If there’s one thing we guys like it is benching!  Unfortunately our shoulders suffer sometime or another.  Talk to any powerlifter or body builder and a majority will tell you of their shoulder problems.  Bench pressing is not kind to the shoulder.  In the lowered position, the shoulder joint capsule is stretched and the subacromial space is compromised setting us up for impingement, capsular instability, A/C joint and glenohumeral wear and tear and muscle and ligament strains.  One solution to protect the shoulder and resume benching after a shoulder injury, is to bench off the floor instead of the bench.  This prevents the elbows from dropping below the trunk saving the joint a whole lot of stress and strain.  And, you can actually bench more weight, which activates more fibers and ultimately leads to increased strength and size of the chest!  By benching from the floor you do not hit the “sticking point”, which is the weakest part of the chest press movement and the limiting factor to weight lifted.  Thereby protecting the shoulder and increasing your bench!  What guy is not going to be happy about that!  So, ladies please dont tell us guys we cant bench.  We have to! (it must be genetic), regardless of how skinny our legs are.  We love to bench!

Hopefully now you have a plan to protect the injured shoulder and begin the inured lifter back to benching and being happy.
Get Strong! Stay Strong!


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