Here is a simple, yet effective to stay in tip top shape with nothing more than body weight!

Super Leg Circuit:
Squat X 6
Alternating lunges X 6
Alt. Scissor jumps X 6 ( or Lateral Lunges)
Jump squats X 6 ( or squats again)
Upper Extremity Circuit:
Push Ups X 6-10
Alt. Mountain Climbers X 6-10
Plank to Push Ups X 6-10

Complete one round of both circuits, rest and repeat. Build up to 3- 4 rounds for a fantastic metabolic and strength building program. Best of all, it only takes minutes to complete!
Over time you can add reps or sets or even add light weights.
Have fun, work hard and be consistent with your exercise! Your mind and body deserve it!!!!!!!

Get Strong. Stay Strong!


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