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By Catherine Lewis, AHJ Editor — Published: August 24, 2009

Many health clubs today have sports bars and offer so-called health drinks for patrons, and there is a vast variety of health drinks on the market. It’s true: after working out, you need to replenish the moisture and energy that left your body. But while it is tempting to replace those things with a sports drink or bar that is supposed to re-hydrate you and provide proper post-exercise nutrition . . . do you really need it? Scientists are saying that for the average person, the answer is no. Keep reading to find out more about what you really need to re-hydrate and refuel.

Exercise is important to your health because it can lower your insulin levels, keep your weight in check, decrease your cholesterol and blood pressure, and generally keep your ticker healthy. If you do not exercise, you cannot expect to receive any of these benefits. And, when you are done with your work-out, you need to refuel.

But what type of “fuel” should you be getting?

These days, professional athletes have found a receptive audience (and have supplemented their bank accounts) by endorsing a number of sports drinks and sports bars.  

The truth of the matter is that most of the so-called health drinks are high in sugar as well as refined carbohydrates. Consuming them can have an adverse effect not only you’re your inner body, but on the muscles as well. It may even lead to injury of the muscles and joint.

Many sports drinks and bars are little more than processed foods laced with chemicals. They are not real food. More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that they will be healthier if they avoid processed foods altogether. However, many are deceived by the labels on health drinks and sports drinks that promise vitamins as well as hydration. They do not take the time to read the label to see that they are filled with chemicals and artificial colors and flavors.  

What You Should be Eating and Drinking
If your workouts are moderately intense, or if you workout for an extended period of time, you should have a mixture of protein and carbohydrates post-exercise. This will help you retain the effects of your exercise routine. Instead of eating energy bars, which are often full of chemicals and preservatives, you should eat foods that will give you a nice balance of protein and carbs. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Whole-grain bagel (or English muffin, toast) with cheese or peanut butter
  • Organic dried fruit and nuts (make your own trail mix)
  • Greek yogurt with fruit
  • Turkey, ham, or roast beef sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Eggs and whole-grain toast
  • Veggie omelet with toast
  • Smoothie made with protein powder and fruit

Your next big meal should consist of any lean protein (lean beef, chicken, pork, fish, veggie burger, egg) with carbohydrate (brown rice, potatoes (sweet potatoes would be better) , whole-grain pasta) and lots of vegetables.

When it comes to rehydrating your body, skip those sugar-laden sports drinks and drink water instead. Water hydrates you, lifts your energy level and has no calories. Best of all, purified water does not contain any chemicals. Water is simply the best all-natural source of hydration you should seek out when you are looking for a way to hydrate yourself after your workouts.

Of course, the above advice is for individuals who workout on a regular basis, and maintain a moderate to intense level of exercise. If you consider a leisurely walk around the block “exercise,” you don’t need anything more than water as a post-workout fuel.

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By Bob Condor, AHJ Editor — Published: August 20, 2009

It’s a small study about how eating a certain type of breakfast can help you burn more fat, but it could nonetheless have a huge impact on losing unwanted pounds or maintaining a healthy weight. British researchers have determined that high-fiber, low-glycemic foods are best for kick-starting your weight-loss program. Keep reading to find out how eating high-fiber in the morning burns more fat during exercise.

One proviso: You only get the accelerated fat-burning benefit if you exercise. There is something about adding fiber and low-glycemic foods (items that digest slower and more evenly). 

The study was performed with physically inactive women who started an exercise program while also following one of two breakfast regimens: either a low-glycemic morning meal including muesli, milk, yogurt and canned peaches, or cornflakes and milk, white bread and jam and, a sweetened carbonated drink. 

Interestingly, both meals have equal amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The difference is the low-glycemic breakfast offers about 3.5 grams of fiber, which in turn leads to a more constant fuel source not only for your workout but, perhaps even more importantly, for your muscles to rebuild. 

The study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, tested women in an hour walk three hours after breakfast (that sounds a bit like lunchtime). When measured for biological and metabolic changes, the young women in the study (all 24 years old) oxidated significantly more fat and calories after eating the fiber-rich breakfast. 

Here’s an interesting thing that means this breakfast strategy can carry over to other parts of the day: After eating identical lunches, the women reported feeling more full on days when they also ate the low-glycemic breakfast. So you burn more fat and overeat less often at the next meal.

And you thought you could never be a breakfast eater.

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Burn fat and look great too with this whole body exercise known as the Get Up.

One of my favorite applications is to set a timer for 5 minutes and do Get Ups alternating arms each rep.

You can also plug them into a circuit.  For example:

kettlebell-swing-sequence kettle_row(1)

20-30 Kettlebell Swings Followed by                          10-20 Alt. Renegade Rows

and finish with Get Ups for 5-10 reps each side.

Dont lollygag!  Work hard, push yourself and youll look and feel great!  If it was easy everyone would be doing it!!!!!!!!!!!


Get Strong Be Strong!