Health Alert: 3 Things You Eat Everyday That Will Shorten Your Life

Posted: June 19, 2009 in food, health, nutrition, physical therapy, Sports Medicine, Uncategorized
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By Catherine Lewis, AHJ Editor — Published: June 18, 2009

If you want to live a longer, healthier life, you can start to do so immediately by eliminating certain foods from your diet. It’s really that easy! Foods that are high in hydrogenated oil, sugar and chemicals can significantly shorten your lifespan. They can lead to diseases such as heart disease, digestive disease and diabetes, just to name a few. You can extend your life simply by avoiding the following foods.

These are the three things that noted doctors and scientists have warned can shorten your lifespan.

1. Fast Food and Fried Foods

Fast foods are filled with preservatives, chemicals and hydrogenated fats. Even so-called “healthy” fast foods are a danger to your health because they contain preservatives, which aren’t found in “real” foods. In order for fast food restaurants to be profitable, they rely on purchases made in bulk quantity . . . this is where all those preservatives come in. Even if the foods are not fried in hydrogenated oils, they are still a health risk. Most of the so-called healthy foods that restaurants offer, such as deli sandwiches, contain processed meats and cheeses as well as chemicals to preserve them so that they stay fresh longer.  

Additionally, eating foods that are fried in hydrogenated oils will shorten your lifespan and are a leading cause of heart disease. These foods clog your arteries and raise bad cholesterol. Deep fried foods may taste good, sure, but are definitely not good for your health. In addition to heart disease, they are also linked with obesity and digestive problems. Take immediate steps to eliminate fried foods from your diet.

2. Sugars

Foods like cookies, cakes, candy and soft drinks are high in sugar and provide absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. The only thing these foods are good for are to help you gain weight, and quite a bit of it too. They are hard on your digestive tract because it has to work extra-hard at breaking them down. They lead not only to obesity but also to diabetes, which will shorten your lifespan considerably.

3. Packaged Foods

Stay away from packaged foods, including canned foods, meal packages and frozen foods. All are high in chemicals, which is how they are able to have a long shelf life. Frozen foods, especially the diet foods, are high in sodium. Take a look at the ingredients on the boxes or cans and you will see a list of chemicals included in the foods. Do you really want to put these into your body? 

Start eating real foods and stay away from anything pre-packaged. This includes anything with preservatives. The chemicals that are put into some foods have been known to promote disease. Packaged foods are also usually high in calories and do not have the nutritional value of real foods.  

You can start living a longer and healthier life right away by eliminating these foods from your diet. They offer very little by way of nutrition and have an adverse effect on your health. Start eating plenty of fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains for fiber and you will start to improve your health immediately. You will boost the health of your heart, digestive system, weight and even your brain power by eliminating hydrogenated oils, sugars and chemicals from your diet. 

Get Strong! Stay Strong! (and live long!)



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