10 Little Known Facts That Will Help You Live Longer

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Uncategorized


By Sylvia Anderson, AHJ Editor — Published: June 11, 2009

You read and hear things everyday about how to live a longer, healthier life, such as “eating healthy” or “exercising.” But there are little-known facts that you can use to your advantage as well when improving your health and extending your life. Keep reading for 10 facts that you should know about when it comes to living a longer, healthier life. 

Did you know?

1.  You are most likely to have a heart attack on a Monday or just after you have been diagnosed with flu or some other respiratory ailments. You should learn the warning signs of a heart attack and also take steps to keep your heart healthy.

2.  If you suffer from allergies, you can alleviate the symptoms by rinsing your nose with salt water. This is easy to do and is better for you than taking over the counter medications to combat allergies that can cause drowsiness. 

3. Use the front door of your house instead of the door that leads into the kitchen. According to research, those who pass through the kitchen all of the time eat 15 percent more than those who use another entryway to the house.  

4.  Obesity is not only dangerous to your health, but expensive as well. You will pay more for clothing, plane seats and gasoline if you are obese. You can prevent future health problems due to obesity and save money at the same time by losing weight.  

5.  Smokers not only increase their risk for lung cancer and emphysema, but they also experience a poor night of sleep. They are usually not well rested in the morning because they experience withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine during the night.  

6.  If you eat fruits and vegetables, you can produce your own salicylic acid, which is the key ingredient in aspirin and other pain relievers. Eating fruits and vegetables can help with anti-inflammatory pain as well as headache pain and are healthy for your body. They also do not have the same negative side effects such as bleeding or liver disease, as do aspirin and other pain relievers. If you want to reduce inflammation and treat pain, eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, especially if you have a condition that causes chronic pain.  

7.  If you manage to take a 20 minute nap per day, you can boost your mood and also increase your productivity. Not only that, but your heart can actually benefit from this short nap. Studies indicate that men who took naps three times a week had less risk of a heart related death.  

8.  Want white teeth? Avoid chemicals and use baking soda. Baking soda can actually whiten the teeth. Some of the chemicals found in artificial tooth whiteners can be dangerous but baking soda is completely safe.  

9.  Clean your sink. There are more germs and bacteria in your kitchen sink than in your bathroom. Do not use a sponge. Rather, clean your sink with a cloth that you can wash in hot water.

10.  Lose weight with a food diary. Food dairies can make you more accountable to yourself when it comes to counting daily calories and can also help you discover how you are getting extra calories. Just make sure you are writing down every single thing you put in your mouth – including beverages. 

Get Strong! Stay Strong!



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