Due to the sedentary nature of many peoples lifestyle, the hip (among other things) gets very tight and restricted.  This leads to compensatory movement and muscle imbalances that effect movement and performance.  So, as they sing in the movie Madagascar…you’ve got  to move it move it!

Here are few examples of hip mobility/strength exercises moving in various planes/directions.

p7290103   p7290102

Ant Lunge w/ Ant Reach                      Single Leg Stance w/ Opp Arm Cross Reach

p7290108  p7290109

Posterior Lateral Lunge w/ Rotation    Single Leg Stance w/ Overhead Post. Reach

p7290111  p7290099

Single Leg Stance w/ opp. Arm OH                  Lateral Lunge

Lateral Reach

After mastering controlled ranges with body weight move to increased ranges of motion, increased speed and / or adding weight.  Also think of the various other planes you can move into and how you can drive the hip more with variations of arm and leg reaches.  These movements are also a great active range of motion series for hip mobility and can be use to to maintain mobility after passive stretching or mobilization techniques.

Get Strong! Stay Strong!


  1. […] following a blog or two, I came across a post from Chris Kolba in his blog. The post is entitled Multi Directional Hip Exercises.  His post is a perfect illustration of some tweaking that can be done to add increased […]

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