Grip Strength for Baseball (or Anything)

Posted: October 17, 2008 in exercise, physical therapy, sport, Sports Medicine
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Here is a great post from my good friend Adam who trains many high school and professional athletes down in Florida.

As stated in my previous Training to the 5th Power blog, I commented on the importance of multi-joint training. As baseball players we cannot underestimate the importance of stromng forearms. However, in various baseball performance training circles wrist curls, a single joint exercise usually performed sitting dow and having minimal, if any, core involvement seems to be the exercise of choice for creating strong forearms. In my opinion a more advantageous way to train for forearm strength is via grip strength. I know this is going to sound real obvious, but…the grip strength necessary for hitting and throwing works in unison, not isolation, with the rest of the body. Therefore, training forearms with a single joint, isolated exercise ( like wrist curls) just doesnt make sense. Instead perform multi-joint exercies/movements that requires grip strength as a by product. One such exercise that also targets the core, is the recline row. Peforming this exercise greatly challenges grip strength so much that grip strength (or the lack of) becomes the limiting factor, not necessarily the prime movers, when knocking out the reps on this movement. The recline row can be performed by utlizing nautical ropes (from gym class days) or, my favorite, the JC 2.5″ clamp grip with JC 48″ specialty straps, designed by JC Santana. Visit for these and other training tools.

Be sure to maintain alignment from shoulders to ankles. Start at a body angle of approximately 45 degrees progressing to an advanced level or angle almost paralell to the floor. Each level will challenge grip strength thus developing strong forearms.

Go hard in the yard.
Get Strong! Stay Strong!

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