For those that are pressed for time or dont think they have enough time to get a workout in I have a solution.  It is called the super leg workout.  I got this from Carlos Santana (not the musician), one of the most well known and sought after strength/conditioning professional in the industry.  Check him out at

This workout should take less then 2 minutes at its entirety and only requires your body weight.  Who doesnt have that amount of time?  If you tell me you dont have 2 minutes my answer is  “then just do it faster!”

So here it is:  

1.)   20 squats


2.)  20 alternating lunges


3.)  20 scissor jumps (not full depth)



4.)   20 jump squats

Now for those just beginning, here is a modified version:

Do the above but just do 6 reps of each.  Add 2 reps each week until you have worked up to 20 reps.  After completeing a set (at whatever rep scheme) rest 1-2 minutes and do another set or two (if you have the time).

If you dont like the jumps just substitute the split jump for lateral lunges and the jump squats for squats (at the end).

This will definitely build your leg strength and get your heart pumping.  Try it and you’ll see!

Get Strong! Stay Strong!


  1. Leslie says:

    I need to try this..thanks

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