Biomechanics-When The Foot Hits The Ground

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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When the foot hits the ground:

     The calcaneus everts

     The talus drops down and in

     The tibia advances forward, internally rotates and abducts

     The knee (unlocks) flexes due to the tibia moving a little faster than the femur

     The femur internally rotates

     The hip internally rotates, flexes and adducts 

     The lumbar spine extends and sidebends/rotates to the same side

     The shoulders rotate in the opposite direction of the pelvis (loads trunk)

     The cervical spine rotates in the same direction of the pelvis. (rotates from the bottom up)

Once you understand the biomechanics of function you can better design exercises for rehab and function.

After mastering what each bone is doing in each plane of motion then start to put the muscles on the bones and see what each muscle does in each plane to see what its true function is.

It is a never ending study to understand the complexities of human movement but one that never ceases to amaze and challenge me

Get Strong! Stay Strong!



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