Ironclad Hamstrings

Posted: August 15, 2008 in Uncategorized
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1.  Bent knee bridge (butt lifts)



2.  Hamstring curls in bridge position


3.  Straight leg bridge (balls of foot on ball)


Begin by doing 10 reps of each successively and build to 15-20 reps.  Work up to 3 sets and then start over  using one leg.  Feel the burn baby!  

Get Strong! Stay Strong!


  1. butterflies1985 says:

    Hi Chris, Thought I would check out your blog and its great. I love those exercises with the ball. I take jazz classes and we use the exercise ball for our strength and core training. I will add your blog to mine. Great information and keep up the great work….

  2. chriskolba says:

    Glad you like the site.

  3. Leslie says:

    Yes…these are some of my favorite exercises for LE and core. Your blog is awesome..I just subscribed!

  4. chriskolba says:

    For me I like to have a lot of variety. Thanks for the comments and Ill look forward to hearing from you again. Keep working hard towards your goal. You can do it!

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