Calories for Weight Loss (or Gain)

Posted: August 5, 2008 in health, Nutrition Tidbits, Weight Loss
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Whether it is a desire to lose or gain weight (lean muscle) the first thing you need to do is to figure out how many calories you should consume in a day.  While there a few methods to do this the one prsented here is quick and easy.

           1.   Add a “0” to your current weight.      eg   143lbs = 1430

                           This is an approximation of Basal Metabolic Rate.

                           BMR is basically calories needed to sustain life.

           2.  Add 1000 to that number.           eg.   1430 + 1000 = 2430 (kcals)

                          This represents calories needed to maintain current weight

           3.  Add 500 to above number for weight gain and subtract 500 for weight loss.

Stay tuned for next post to discuss what to do with those calories and a secret tip for weight loss.

Get Strong! Stay Strong!


  1. crazygina says:

    I am very thankful to see such a basic way to figure out caloric intake for weight loss. I never knew before how many calories to consume and I was trying to cut myself down to 1000-1500 a day – I weigh 130 – and now I see that was probably a bad idea since it’s bit lower than the amount I should be taking in – and I don’t want my body to think I am starving it!

  2. chriskolba says:

    Im glad you found it useful. I think many are confused about nutrition and even exercise due to the abundance of info and much of it is incorrect or outdated.

  3. casperT says:

    FINALLY! A method that I can understand. Makes sense, thanks so much!!!

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