Fat Acceptance?…. Are You Kidding?!

Posted: August 2, 2008 in health, Nutrition Tidbits, physical therapy, Sports Medicine
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New Market for Obesity Trends

New Market for Obesity Trends



I have recently stumbled across a few articles and blogs regarding the topic of “fat acceptance” and am literally appalled.  The notion I feel is utter nonsense and represents another attempt by our society to pass the buck.  While I am in complete support of being happy with yourself, the idea of just accepting the fact that you are “fat” and believing there is no problem with this is flawed.  The research is pretty clear that if you are overweight there is a much higher rate of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, not to mention the beating you joints take which eventually leads to degeneration, pain and further inactivity (all leading to an increased burdon on the healthcare system, family and society).  In talking to many overweight people I found that while they will admit to needing to lose weight they really have no desire or discipline to do it.  I also believe that much of what they have been told or have actually tried doesn’t work.  There is a tremendous amount of confusion about exercise and especially nutrition.  It not as easy as just exercising and eating salads.  Most people when trying to lose weight stop eating or significantly restrict calories.  This can actually lead to increased fat storage.  Remember our bodies are wired for survival and when the body senses restricted food intake, which it relies on for all functions, it will store fat to ensure its survival.  As a person goes from one diet to another or repetitively diets over time the ratio of fat to muscle increases.  This makes it continually harder to lose the fat and significantly increases your risk of health problems.  The person, as many experience, get stuck in this never ending struggle with their weight.  When it comes to exercise, as most people find out, it not as easy as just going and doing exercise (the typical recommendation from the doctor).  Most doctors really know very little about exercise and even less about nutrition.  Think about it, they make a living dealing with sickness and disease.  You need to have the right type of exercise, the right intensity and progression to get the desired results.

Stay tuned to the next posts to get some tips on eating and exercise.

Stay Strong! Get Strong!


  1. unfatblog says:

    Thanks for noticing. Finally others are finding out what Fat Acceptance is really about. It isn’t about not being mean to fat people. It really is about the glorification of obesity and the denial of medical science.

    I’ve been fighting these folks for a couple of years on myfatspouse.com and unfatblog.com

    More power to ‘ya!!!

  2. chriskolba says:

    There is no glory in being overweight. The poor children of theses people. They have no idea and are subject to these people as role models. Research shows that if one parent is overweight the child has a 40% chance of becoming overweight and if both parents are overweight then the chance raises to 80%.
    Just looking around i’d say the kids are well on their way. Parents and educators need to wake up and take a stand.

  3. Fat acceptance? Is this the new politically correct thing to describe fat lazy people? I agree, this is extremely apalling. My situation evolves more around diabetes but exercise and dieting is a very important part of a diabetics life. Cardio exercise can help not only control your blood sugar but your blood pressure and weight as well. Actually I think exercise can probably help a lot of medical conditions that people have today.
    But, as you say, going to the gym for a week and saying ah, this doesn’t work or exercising for two weeks missing a day, feeling bad and not going back are the wrong things to do. Exercise and dieting properly must become a part of your daily lifestyle. Don’t feel bad if you miss a day. Nobody is perfect. For more information feel free to follow the link connected to my name to visit my website.

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