Dynamic Calf Stretch

Posted: July 9, 2008 in exercise, physical therapy, Sports Medicine
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The calf muscle is found to be tight in most people and especially in athletes due to always being up on their toes with running and jumping. Knowing that the muscles and joints movein three planes of motion simultaneously during activity it makes sense to stretch them to provide dynamic flexibility in all three planes. Most traditional stretches only provide a static stretch in a single plane.  Begin by assuming the traditional calf stretch position. One leg back and one forward. Keeping the back heel down and foot pointing forward, lean forward (with arms on wall) until stretch is felt. Next, lift front leg off ground so knee is about waist high. Then, gently rotate entire body from side to side. You should feel stretch “move” around calf. We usually do 20-30 rotations for 3-4 sets.  While performing this you are getting calcaneal inversion and eversion, tibial internal and external rotation while the tibia is advanced forward (ankle dosiflexed).  The same motions that occur in walking and running.  If you are concerned about an overpronatory foot then just place a small cuff weight or towel under the inside part of the foot to control for the excessive motion.

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