Eat For Success

Posted: June 13, 2008 in Nutrition Tidbits
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Eating for success takes discipline and planning. This can be especially difficult

 in today’s fast paced  environment. With work, errands and running the kids to

 multiple games and classes eating on the run seems to

be the norm. The good news is you can still eat smart when eating out. Here are

 a few tips to keep in mind. Pay attention to super sizing. This usually means

 eating more than you need. If it is a good bargain, split it with a friend. Build a

better burger. Stay away from big burger type sandwiches. Order plain and add

your own  toppings. Breaded and fried fish, chicken, and nuggets are not

necessarily healthier choices than burgers. Tuna fish packed in oil can have as

much fat and calories as a Big Mac. Order the extra that count. Low fat and fat

free milk, salads, soups and fruit are good additions to any meal. Avoid large

 sodas and shakes. Instead, order water or low fat milk.

Get Strong! Stay Strong!



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