Care for Your Back: You Only Get 1

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Sports Medicine
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Millions of Americans suffer from low back pain each day. This can range from minor aches and stiffness to severe debilitating pain and spasm. There are many disorders such as degeneration, spurring, bulging and prolapsed discs, pinched nerves and fractures, which are the result of what we do (or don’t do) to our bodies day in and day out. So, the question you should ask is; what can I do to prevent back pain or at least reduce my risk? Simply stated, just get up off your butt. While simple, it is true. Too many people have become sedentary.  Many jobs require hours of sitting, driving or flying, Technology has created an environment in which you don’t even have to move to be part of it. Adults and children are lulled into inactivity with television and video games. Schools are also taking part by eliminating physical education from many curriculums.  Most people we see with back pain are deconditioned, have tight calves, hip flexors and chest muscles, weak hip and trunk muscles, rounded shoulders and poor abdominal integrity. Inactivity (exercise), poor nutrition and aging are a potent recipe for many ailments.  Now, there are specific exercises for the core. I advise you to see a qualified physical therapist to evaluate and instruct you in the best exercises for you. In general, some useful tips for the “health” of your back include, but are not limited too: Drink plenty of water, many joint problems can be minimized with proper hydration (most Americans are chronically dehydrated).  Utilize a lumbar or towel roll in low back to maintain good sitting posture, don’t sit for prolong periods, get up and stretch frequently.  Get in shape with general exercise, lose those unwanted pounds. Avoid bending over for the first hour upon waking because your discs are more “swollen” due to reabsorbing water through the night.  As a result, you are more prone to a back injury in that first hour. When at the sink, open cupboard and place foot on ledge. Now when you bend over to brush teeth or wash face you will bend more at hip and less from the low back.


Get Strong! Stay Strong!









  1. jonathan says:

    absolutely, that must be one of many other ways.. 😉

  2. maedayael says:

    Parents should go over this with their children.

  3. […] many disorders such as degeneration, spurring, bulging and prolapsed discs, pinched nerves and fra Hip Flexor StretchInstructions. Preparation. Lunge with one foot far behind other foot. […]

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