Protein is Important

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Nutrition Tidbits
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Everyone knows that protein is an important part of nutrition.  Protein is necessary for maintenance, replacement and growth of body tissue especially muscle.  Protein is also important for making hormones that regulate metabolism, maintain water balance, protect against disease, transport nutrients, carry oxygen and regulate blood clotting.  Coupled with strength training, protein aids in delaying the effects of aging.  Adequate protein is important for both men and women.  Although ladies dont want big muscles (not that most can get them anyway), hopefully they appreciate the need for strong (not big) muscles and bones as well as all the previous mentioned benefits.  All protein is not created equal.  There are 3 main types; whey, caesin, and soy.  All are beneficial, but different.  Whey is fast acting and good for pre and post workout when you want to get it into the system quickly to enhance your recovery.  Caesin is slow acting and good for the rest of the day and before bed to sustain you during that period of fasting.  Soy is a good alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or those who dont eat animal products.  Typically the recomended dose is .8-1g/lb/BW.  Always consult a qualified professional for individualized advice.

Get Strong!  Stay Strong!



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