Exercise Excuses

Posted: May 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard them; I don’t have enough time, I don’t have equipment and I get plenty of exercise during my busy day. Well guess what, now there are no excuses because we have what you need, solutions!
As the strength and conditioning, fitness and rehabilitation worlds have evolved it has been realized that you dont have to spends hours on fancy equipment to be fit. There is a real crisis in our country and your starting to see it in other countries as well. People are getting bigger and bigger ( a nice way of saying fatter). Nutrition and decreased quality of food is a major contributor as is a lack of “adequate” exercise. Many who are “actively exercising” are still not geting the results they want because they don’t have a well planned program, the intensity is inadequate and /or they don’t support it with the proper diet. So lets conquer the excuses. The number one excuse I hear is “I don’t have enough time” or “I’m too busy.” I’m always suprised that people will spend more time and money on their pets or cars (don’t get me wrong I like animals and cars) than they will on the most important commodity they have, their own bodies and minds. Take time out for yourself! It will do yourself, your friends and your family a world of good. Better yet make it a family affair. Think of the example you’re setting for your kids. How much time you ask?  How about 4 minutes? Yes I said 4 minutes and I know you can spare 4 minutes if you really want to start getting fit. If not, just do it faster! Actually smaller bouts of exercise, at the right intensity, are more effective for fat loss and strength gains. The second excuse is an easy fix too. You don’t need any fancy equipment. Grab some detergeant bottles with handles, a step stool, paint cans, even your infant (great mommy or daddy and me time) and your good old body weight and you’ve got yourself a home gym. The bottles can be used like dumbbells and if you put varying amounts of water in them they add a great stabilization componant as the water moves around during the movements. You can also make your own sandbags (pea gravel and duct tape) that are great for lifting exercises as well as squats, lunges and step ups with various holds. For a small investment (you’re worth it!) you can purchase a medicine ball, chin up bar, resistance bands, a physioball and some dumbbells. Lastly, the “I get enough exercise during my busy day” excuse.  Well if that was true we would’nt be having this discussion nor would they be sitting in my clinic complaining of nagging aches and pains.  I’m sorry to say that just carying your body weight around all day is not enough.  Everyone is searching for the magic pill or diet and not many people realize it is as simple as portion control and some good old fashioned exercise.  It is the overload principle;  you must make a muscle work harder than it is used to in order to produce a change.  So just get over it and get to work!  It will make a difference and it can be fun!  For your family, your kids and your self!  You are worth it and you can do it!  Believe in yourself and the power to change!
Alternating Chest Press X 20 sec                Alternating Anterior Lunge X 20 sec        Complete 6 continuos rounds
Be Strong, Stay Strong

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